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Black Panthers Attend Richmond 2A Rally

The narrative that 2nd amendment advocates are all white supremacists is a lie.

On Monday the 20th, thousands of gun rights activists poured into Richmond, Virginia. Many were armed, all were peaceful. However, the left-wing mainstream media did an excellent job at smearing the attendees of the event as white supremacists. What does supporting the 2nd amendment have to do with racial superiority? If you’re a sane person, you’d say “nothing.” Alas, anti-gun liberals such as David Hogg accused the rally of being racist in nature. The minorities that showed up, namely the Black Panthers, proved them wrong.

Mike Pain, the general of the group led them down the street. According to Pain, they had heard rumors of white supremacist violence and showed up to possibly deter it. They were pleasantly surprised when no fights broke out and no arrests were made. They were also there to show their support for gun rights.

"A lot of people were really scared of the threats and scared that there would be mayhem and carnage, but what we wanted to do now was make sure everybody was safe for one, also just to show and put our voices out there that we cared about the Second Amendment,” Pain said. The official opinion of the original Black Panther Party is pro-gun rights. An armed minority is a minority unable to be oppressed.

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