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Congress and their pawns for political game.

I got time today! Who would love to explain this? I mean let’s be clear immigration needs to be fixed and should have been fixed years ago. Yes crossing the boarder is illegal but seeking asylum is different. I’m against saying we should let the best of immigrants in. That’s thee most ridiculous statement ever. These kids are being used but let’s not forget this is what goes on in congress. It was just Dreamers who I don’t even hear about anymore.

When will people wake up and see it’s a outcry but not for genuine reason. You have exploitation of these kids and video footage that's even worst.

If it where was the outcry under the Obama and Bush administrations. We have to be fair in all sides.

This is all happening because President Trump want's a boarded wall and the Democratic are not caving in. The Republicans want what they want and Democratic want what they want. Who will stand up and say forget my base let me stand for what’s right.

You have all sides pointing the finger. One side saying where is the outcry of black families or homeless American kids when their families that are separated. Do they have a point? Yes but using another pawn is just as worst.

As I have been telling you it is very crucial to vote. The whole system needs to be gutted. As we all sit back and watch this unfold it will be a price to pay. Who will pay we will see.

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