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Congress is one big JOKE. Immigration exploitation at its finest.

The House and the Senate is pathetic both are not just one both. They can fix this right now if they wanted to but no they want to say forget what’s going on because I’m not getting what I want. Showing these kids in cages is insane. The crazy part it has been going on since prior administrations not just Trump. Obama Bush and the rest. The mainstream media is just pushing this more because of their own views of President Trump. This been going on. But Attorney Jeff Session is enforcing it and added his biblical spin on it. I’ll get him later. 

It is not hard for congress to pass an immigration reform that will work. This is why it is extremely important to vote. They get to go home to they million dollar homes while kids are stripped away from their parents and housed in cages and tents as if they committed a crime. Then you have MS13 brutally terrorizing and killing whomever in they way. 

They need to pile congress up in one building and do not open the door or feed them until they fix these problems. Don’t pay them either they don’t deserve a dime. They not working only working on being commentators on news outlets. Instead of being on every news outlets blaming everyone else get something done. As a American I’m embarrassed and it’s shameful how they ALL are acting. How long should we sit back and allow this to happen. What is America turning to. 



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