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Dear American Voters...

We the American people deserve more. What have unfolded in front of our very own eyes is an embarrassment and shameful. You have 2 parties and even the president acting a dam fool. While they sit back and act like 2 year olds then get to go to their lavish life style we are still suffering. 

What is it going to take for theses politicians to work on our behalf’s? Vote they you know what out and replace them with who will server and protect and work on our behalf and mainly be bipartisan. Every since Donald J. Trump has been elected you the democratic running around crying like big babies. I am in disbelief how they are running and promoting the interest of a porn star and Russia collusion. This is the same party that claim they are for prison reform and justice but acting like they don’t see what that same department interfered with Trump being elected. But because they hate to see him sitting there that goes out the door and The Department of Justice is righteous and doing their job. Yeah ok say that to the black men that get railroaded because they want to put something on them. The same issue you claim you are for the people your praising them for the underhanded things they did with the Trump campaign. The hypocrisy is real. 

The Republican running around  taking about people that’s not in office and can’t  do noting to further the American people. I don’t give a you know what that Obama’s has a Netflix deal or Hillary running around still mad and upset she lost. If you think trying to dismantle Obama legacy is going to work your more fooled then we thought. The criticism you give people for being democratic are harsh and insensitive. You say they are on a democratic plantation smh. The name calling is out of control and it all needs to end on both sides. 

Voter look at everyone that’s in office now since Trump has been elected. What have they did? Was they trying to come to the table or are they resisters? 

 Voters is your candidate fighting on your behalf? Are they resisting? Are they trying to work with the current president and his administration? Or are they complaining because they don’t like who’s their. Enough is enough. When you go to the polls in November before you check any box do your research and ask yourself have they been working or resisting? Vote a person in because of their qualifications not their party. 

Sincerely, Voters 

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