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Dear non trump supporters do NOT listen to Maxine Waters. Your assets will be in jail for harassment. This is getting out hand. Congresswomen Maxine Waters calling for non Trump supporters to make The Trump administrations uncomfortable when you see them, protest and show up at their door.

In the mist of all this you have Sarah Sanders kicked out of a restaurant, Stephen Miller and DHS Secretary Kirsten Nielsen kicked out of a Mexican restaurant, and protesters heckled and yelling at Florida AG Pam Bondi at a movie theater. Things are just spinning pout of control.

You have the president Trump wasting no time firing back at Red Hen and Maxine Waters with these tweets.

Everyone is out here acting like 2 year olds. Let’s be clear you can’t just be running up on people. All it is going to take is for someone to fear for their life and start shooting. This is not how you get your message out. Because if you run up on me you will be very disappointed. All this running up on people and calling 911 is just ridiculous. Their is nothing wrong with protesting it’s just how you do it. Me personally I’m not with protesting. I’m with voting, raising leaders up to take over these positions and creating your way so you want have to deal with what’s going on.

We are living in dangerous times. The wrong person will take what Maxine said out of context and hurt somebody. That goes for both sides.

Now if and when this happened with the Obama administration all hell broke loose. Now the left is applauding what’s going on. You also can remember a few weeks back Sarah agreeing with the ruling of the Baker not wanting to bake a certain type of cake for a gay couple. See I told you that decision was a slipper slope and now you have this. That’s why you have to take a look at all sides. The hypocrisy on both sides is what I don’t like. You have to be fair not just when it’s your party. This needs to end and both sides and both sides need to take a stand and call this nonsense out. This a primary example why I ditch both parties. I can’t be tied to hypocrites . Your thoughts? #maxineWaters #KrisrenNielsen #SarahSanders #StephenMiller #justiceforjunior #AntwonRose #SaniyahNicholson #FamiliesBelongTogether #TrumpCampaign #TheDepartmentOfJustice #Media #FakeNews #foxandfriends #GOP #Congress #Voters #StreetPoliticsWithTalessia #Trump #Clintons #MAGA #CBS #ABC #MSNBC #WhiteHouse #Democrats #CNN #FoxNews #Republicans #Politics #kanyewest #youtube #cnn #foxnews

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