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Harvard study estimates thousands died in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Remember when I remind you that when ever the media is pushing something hard it always be something way worse going on. As you can remember back in September a category 4 hit the island of Puerto. It was labeled as one of the hardest hits in 85 years. The island was left without power and water for months. It is still being reported that some areas still do not have roofs, electricity or water. The government at that time claimed the death toll was 64. Harvard University did a study and claiming it was over 4,600 in death toll. Now 64 to over 4,600 is way off. How did the government miss that. Or they just haven’t updated their toll. On The View co just Sunny stated that a women by the name of Blanca lost everything and Fema gave her a $500 check and said this is all they can do. Wow what a slap in the face. 

The mainstream media is wasting no time with the blame game showing an press statement President Trump put out saying the death toll was low. My thing is this that was the information at that time given to him. That’s not his fault. The blame can go on the government and their poor handling of this tragedy. It’s been months and some parts are still without power, water or roofs that’s ridiculous and inexcusable. This should be the headlines. We are over Roseanne who cares. People in Puerto are in dire need. Your thoughts? 

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