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Jussie Smollett Alleged Attack

Last week star actor of Empire Jussie Smollett reported that he was attacked, had bleach poured on him and the attacker’s put a rope around his neck and also the attacker’s was screaming “It’s a MAGA world” plus saying homophobic slurs. The whole time he was attacked he said he was on the phone with his manager. 

Let’s just break this all the way down. 

This alleged attack happened in Chicago at 2am in the morning. He said they had on mask. First question is if they had on mask how can you verify what race they are. Now remind you temperature was below zero. Before I dig further let’s stick to the facts that has been reported by the police. A news conference was held and the mayor stated that detectives has been going over hours of surveillance trying to see if the assault was captured in tape. To this day they have not found anything. What they have found was two men walking in that area 20 to 30 minutes prior to the attack. From that footage it do not show them carrying bleach or a rope. Nothing is in their hands. They did see some footage of Smollett leaving his apartment then he goes of frame for one minute then come back with something around his neck. Also in the original report he did not mention anything about the attacker’s saying “Its a MAGA WORLD”

After Smollett alleged attack he walk pass his guard and didn’t report the incident and went upstairs to his apartment where later he called the police. 

Another key point is Smollett claimed he was on the phone with his manager the whole time he was attacked. Authorities said they can’t verify that he was on the phone with his manager because he refuse to hand over his phone. Also the police reported that salt like substance was only smeared on the front of his jacket. 

Those are the facts so far but let me add my opinion. This whole story is fishy something don’t smell right. Last week all news outlets was telling people if you don’t have to come out don’t because it will be dangerous below temperatures. Now at 2am he wants to walk to get a subway sandwich oh ok. Remind you he’s in Chicago where crime and killing is high. I highly doubt it that two white racist men was out at 2am in Chicago that’s mostly black in a Democrat ran city trying to attack someone screaming it’s a MAGA world. I just don’t believe that. The temperatures was so cold if you would have poured any substance it would have froze. When authorities check him he didn’t smell of bleach nor did was his clothes stained from bleach being poured on him. Another thing that was odd how are you still on the phone getting assaulted by two me. 

This whole story sounds like a lie. You have the media, public figures and celebrities going crazy. My thing is are we living in times where facts don’t matter. It’s like as long as it fit the narrative it’s ok and we shouldn’t care if it’s true or not. His story is not adding up.

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