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Meek Mill Drops Out of Trump Panel After Jay-Z Influence

According to @tmz_tv rapper @meekmill is headed to the @whitehouse today. Sources don’t know exactly what for but we all can assume to talk about prison reform. Allegedly reported rapper Jay-Z told Meek Mill not to go. And black Twitter is not having it. It blows my mind how some black people think. Listen the President is the most powerful man in the US rather we like him or not. @meekmill you go and you make a change and forget what others are saying.

The same black leaders that mad about you going ain’t doing not a dam thang for Philly. They only come out when it’s high profile. If I ever get the chance I’m there. As a matter of fact @realdonaldtrump I’ll be more then happy to come have a sit down because where I’m from we need resources and money to change the crime. It starts at the home and I have a few ideas!!

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