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Michael Cohen Is under Federal Investigation for TAX FRAUD!

Tick Tock follow the dots. Let the games begin. They always say FOLLOW THE MONEY. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal federal prosecutors in New York City is investing former lawyer to President Trump Michael Cohen for tax fraud. Federal authorities are going over money that wasn’t reported (cash) and looking into if bank employees allowed Mr. Cohen to obtain loans he didn’t have proper paperwork or even qualified to for. National Bank is whom loaned Cohen funds for his Taxi medallion business. So, basically they are seeing if he lied on his applications to receive these loans. Mr. Cohen former accountant Jeffery Getzel has been subpoenaed because he was responsible for preparing paperwork that was submitted to the banks. Mr. Getzel is also is an accountant for Evgeny “Gene” Friedman according to public records. 

Micheal can’t catch a break he is also under investigation for campaign finance violations and possible crimes related to personal business that my have be coverups for them candidate Trump. 

Mr. Cohen seems to have severed ties with President and is acting as if he is going to turn state(snitch) On President Trump. “Allegedly” I really don’t think that’s the case. My opinion and these are my opinions I believe it’s all an act. If Cohen gets indicted President Trump is going to pardon him. What ever he know I don’t think it will ever come out. If I’m not mistaken I’ve heard his pardon won’t work under New York laws so I’m confused myself. This is all just to much. Any and everyone that’s tied to Mr. Cohen loan applications is about to be under a microscope. I would love to be a fly on National Bank walls. Is this the walls closing in on Michael Cohen and the beginning to President Trump investigation(s)? Your thoughts? #MichaelCohen #TaxFraud #TaxiMedallion 

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