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No Democrats: The National Voting Age Should Not Be Lowered! 

The Vox, a far-left news organization, recently defended the idea that the US voting age should be lowered to 0. "The United States should consider eradicating the voting age entirely and letting every American citizen who can successfully fill out a ballot be counted in our local, state, and national elections..." However, according to a HarrisX poll, 75% of registered voters said that 17-year-olds shouldn't vote with an even bigger margin, 84%, opposed 16-year-olds from voting.

The Democratic Party has continued to support legislation to lower voting age. Do you want to allow a child, who can not recognize the difference between a Tide Pod and candy bar? Let's allow teenagers, who were snorting condoms, to chose our leaders? As a nation of principles, we should not allow this happen. Our leaders should be voted in by an electorate that can understand government. I could argue against some adults voting because they lack the knowledge and free-thinking to chose a candidate they deem adequate to govern our nation. Teenagers typically follow the beliefs of their parents, and they don't question what they have been told.

Children have been indoctrinated by the main stream media, not knowing any difference. On September 20th, a worldwide "climate strike" took place with over 2,500 events. In the US, some school districts allowed children to be excused to rally in support of global warming action. Democrats have introduced legislation, the Green New Deal, that would ultimately destroy the US economy and bolster socialism, while foreign nations do little to combat the so-called "crisis." Teenagers are blindly following the unsubstantiated claims of climate change and the Democrats' visions to end the dystopia. If we allow ourselves to be blindly led we are going no where. Children need to be taught opposing positions to better equip them to understand how to vote.

We have failed our children, but we can learn from our mistakes. Let's teach them a path forward. I encourage any person to voice concerns and opinions about our political agenda, but if they only vote like what they've been told, then they do not have any opinions at all!

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