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North Korea Releases 3 Detained Americans

President Donald Trump

This is great news and a win for @realdonaldtrump and his administration. If you don’t remember well 3 detained Americans are coming home. One was detained under the Obama administration and 2 under the Trump administration. The last time North Korea detained an American citizen he came back and died. With the hard rhetoric @realdonaldtrump was given their leader Kim Jong Un everyone thought this would be a disaster. But it worked. Trump will be the first president to ever meet and with the dictator.

I’m glad they are home and the healing starts. This will not got as much coverage as the porn star and Russia #Hint@cnn @msnbc and others please lay off the other crap we the American people are tired of it. I’m tired of every segment being about the negative things. At least let today be about these 3 American citizens PLEASE!!

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