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Senator Dianne Feinstein Vs President Donald Trump over Chinese Spy

Politicos website broke with a story reporting that Sen Feinstein driver Russell Lowe for over 20 years was a mold for China “Chinese Spy”. Five years ago the FBI  notified Sen. Feinstein that she was infiltrated and it was her drivers. Reports said Sen. Feinstein was mortified. FBI agents told her nothing of substance was leaked. Sen. Feinstein forced him to retire. According to an unnamed source in the Chronicle said Senator never mentioned it it her staffers plus the FBI didn’t have enough to charge him. According to Sen Feinstein records he wasn’t just a driver he was an office manager. Which one is it driver or office manager?

Well President Trump wastes no time going on in Sen. Feinstein at an Ohio rally saying this: 

Sen. Feinstein fired back in a two part tweet saying this. 

This just goes to show not only do Russia interfere in America dealings other countries are as well! Keep a close eye out. Your thoughts? #SenFienstein #RussellLowe #ChineseSpy #China  #MichealCohen #TaxFraud #TaxiMedallion 


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