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"Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise..."

Louis Farrakhan speaks...

I’ll be honest I wasn’t happy @realdonaldtrump got elected but i had to sit back and say God You allow everything so I’ll trust You as I should have in the first place. Low and behold the truth of what our culture have been suffering for years is exposed. You have The Department of Justice and Congress that have suppressed our people for decades and you have the media that been twisting their narrative and been reporting bias fake news on our culture. Now you have a sitting president @realdonaldtrump going full force at the same people that been against us. What I don’t like is how just because a lot of people don’t like @realdonaldtrump they are making excuses for the way they did him. The truth is the truth it don’t matter who mouth it comes out of. I’m not shock at all on the accusations he’s making against all them because I can believe ALL of it. Now let’s be very clear I’m not saying all media congress and The Department Of Justice is all bad but I’ve witnessed first hand how they do you. Your thoughts?

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