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UkrainianGate is a Nothing Burger. 

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Another day has past of economic growth, stronger border security, and lowest unemployment rates among minorities, but the Democrats are only concerned about impeaching President Donald J.Trump. From day one, there only goal has been to remove this president. After failed attempts and an investigation over alleged Russian Collusion, they believe they have finally found their smoking gun: a whistleblower complaint between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. UkrainianGate was born.

What is UkrainianGate?

Trump's critics accuse him of abusing his powers after a wishtleblower, with alleged bias against President Trump, made a formal complaint. Democratic members of Congress are saying President Trump is using Ukraine to dig up dirt on former VP Joe Biden, a current candidate for president, and his son, Hunter Biden, for political gain.

Majority of Republicans have stood with President Trump. However, Representative Justin Amash, the lone Republican leaning Independent of the House, is supporting Speaker Nancy Pelosi's call for impeachment.

In 2014, Hunter Biden took board position with Burisma, the largest gas company in Ukraine. VP Joe Biden became an advocated of ending corruption in Ukraine and traveled there multiple times during his term. In 2016, Biden, during one of his many trips, traveled to Ukraine and told Ukrainian officials to either fire the prosecutor looking into his son or be denied a billion dollars in federal aid. This is textbook definition of "quid pro quo." Evidence supporting this claim comes directly from Joe Biden himself.

In 2018, Biden bragged about the incident in front of the Council of Foreign Relations:

"I said, 'You're not getting the billion. I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.' Well, son of a b****. He got fired," former VP Biden said.

Speaker Pelosi's Call for Impeachment.

On September 24th, Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Pelosi called his actions "dishonorable," claiming them to be a "betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections."

Trump took little time to blast the inquiry as "PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSMENT" on Twitter. Later in the day, he announced that he would be declassifying the entire transcript of the phone call with President Zelensky.

Transcript of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Donald J.Trump from July 25th.

To save your time, here are the main talking points (pun intended) from the conversation.

  1. Donald Trump begins by congratulating President Zelensky on his win. President Zelensky responds, "We did win big and we worked hard for this. We worked a lot but I would like to confess to you that I had an opportunity to learn from you."

  2. President Zelensky goes on to say that he wanted to "drain the swamp here in our country. We brought in many many new people. Not the old politicians, not the typical politicians, because we want to have a new format and a new type of government. You are a great teacher for us..."

  3. President Trump: When I was speaking to Angela Merkel she talks Ukraine, but she ·doesn't do anything. A lot of the European countries are the same way so I think it's something you want to look at but the United States has been very very good to Ukraine." Zelensky agrees "1000%."

  4. President Trump asks Ukrainian President "to do us a favor" by looking into CrowdStrike, the US-based company responsible for investigating the DNC servers after the Russian hack in 2016. "I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people.."

  5. First mention of VP Joe Biden. President Trump: "There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the whatever you can do with [Attorney General Barr] would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it.."

  6. President Zelensky talks about his new parliament and that his prosecutor could help.

  7. President Trump tells President Zelensky for the 100000th time: "I will tell Rudy and Attorney General Barr to call." According to DOJ officials, President Trump never formally ask AG Barr to call President Zelensky.

  8. Both end the conversation by congratulating each other and agreeing to meet in person in Poland.

You can read the full report HERE.

UkrainianGate: The Beginning of the End for President Trump?

President Trump is calling this transcript a vindication while Democrats are actively awaiting on more information from the whistleblower.

The transcripts, however, show no impeachable offense occurred during the July 25th phone call. The worst case scenario for President Trump would be lack of integrity on the situation.

During a press conference with President Trump, President Zelensky responded to a question about the transcripts: "No one pushed me" to investigate Joe Biden and his Son.

Many are saying this will strengthen the President's base, leading him to reelection. While others claim impeachment is inevitable. Just remember how the impeachment of Bill Clinton in the House turned out for Republicans.

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