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What Lives Really Do Matter?

Sometimes you have to take a seat back and take a look at the overall picture. Statistic are facts. We may not like them but they are FACTS! Here we have an unarmed teen Antwon Rose shot in the back by a police officer while running away. You also have 9 year Saniyah Nicholson that was in a car shot to death in a shootout by some black teens. You have the world and the mainstream media, Black Lives Matter, Activist and Celebrities speaking on Antwon Rose Deaf but one outrage over Saniyah Nicholson death. My question is what’s the difference? Why are we marching in the streets and getting coverage over his death and only highlighting his and not hers?

No death is greater then the other. Why as a society as Black we only care if a white person or cop kill someone that’s black but everyday in the black community they are killing each other. Where is the discount. Have you send or heard what’s going on in Chicago? According to Hey Jackass and Chicago Turbine since June Shot & Killed: 207

Shot & Wounded: 1075 Total Shot: 1282 Total Homicides: 249. Cops killing blacks are lower then black on black. Now statistics do show that white on white crime is way higher then black on black. A killing is a killing. It’s time to remover the title and fight what’s at hand.

I would love to to see some of these organizations come to Cleveland Ohio and help what’s going on. We have 2 deaths but one is getting treated as if they life matter more then the other. We need outrage on both sides. I’m kind of tired of the exploitation of using blacks but only for certain gain when in all do they really care is the real question. Don’t limit your thinking to the justification of killings when ALL killings are the same. A life was lost it don’t matter who took it. Your thoughts? #AntwonRose #SaniyahNicholson

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