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Celebs React to Kanye West's Twitter Rant

・・・ My opinion and I don’t care 🤷🏾‍♀️ This is what’s wrong with the world the second you have a different view especially outside of the black community you get crucified. You can support who you want to support and @chancetherapper your right just because your black you don’t have to be a Democratic. I just changed my party to independent. You can be a black conservative it’s nothing wrong with that.

And far as @realdonaldtrump my opinion and it’s mines I don’t agree with a lot he say or do but I do agree with somethings he do and say. These career politicians have not did a dam thang! One thing about trump he gone put you back to work. People have lived off the system just pure laziness and that train is about to end!!!! And yes there are that really need it. Some of these handouts is to suppressed the black community and you don’t even see it. Give them these crumbs and give them that so they want become NOTHING. And far as racist don’t act like you don’t never said nothing about white people so i guess we all are racist!!! The truth hurts.

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