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Eric Garner And The Police Departments and the backlashed

We should know by now the Eric Garner case #ICantBreath If you don't here's a lil refresher. A fight broke out at a store and the police was called. While police approach the scene the fight was disbursing and somehow which is not clear why they approached Eric is still unknown. Different stories are conflicted. A altercation between the police and Eric accrued and on a video you see officer Daniel Pantaleo using a banned chokehold and at the same time you hear Eric saying I can't breath and Mr. Garner end up dying. 5 years later the DA decide not to charge Officer Pantaleo but Commissioner James P. O’Neill’s fired him. Oh boy the fresh wounds was ripped right off and once again people started taking sides and making wild accusations.

See that's the problem I be having. When things happen people tend to mix other things that's unrelated to the subject together. I was watching a news conference of the police union chief whom was upset and saying that the decision was an attach on all police officers and the commissioner abandoned them. That statement right that is totally unfair to say. You also had others on news stations saying the same thing and also bringing up the rhetoric that the left say about ICE officers. Those are two totally different things. Let me break both down so you can understand what I am saying.

The rhetoric on the left calls ICE officers nazi and compares them to concentration camps now that's an attack on officers. Now calling one officer out on something that he or she did wrong is not an attack on all officers around the world. Here's a clip of me explains this.

We as a people have to stop mixing conversation that has nothing to do with one another. They're good and bad police officers. One bad officer doesn't not represent a whole force. Bad people are all over the world. Just because Pantaleo was fired do not mean it is an attack on all police officers. I believe that sends the wrong message.

Now, one more thing I have to address because it goes hand in hand. You must follow ALL police officers orders. Even if you feel a police officers is in the wrong you can not dispute that rite there on the scene. That's what a court of law is for. Yes you might be right but once an officer gives you a command you must comply. I understand your frustration but, it is a time and place for everything. Here is another clip of me going into that more.

We as adults should know better. We have to stop giving excuses to people because of their race, gender, and or wherever they live. That's why I have always thought my sons to be respectful no matter what. Let me handle whatever the situation is. It is also ok for us to agree to disagree without being hateful towards one another. This whole Eric Garner case is a tragedy. He lost his life at the end of the day. Yes we can all can agree he should have just complied and dealt with it later but was that use of force necessary? In my opinion no. It is time for the people and the whole police force to take an internal look and make some necessary adjustments.

We all can use some extra training and understanding from each other. We are not perfect. Just because someone is a cop that doesn't deemed them to be perfect. We all have wrong in us. I do not believe that Officer Pantaleo got up that morning and said ok I'm going out to coke someone to death neither do I believe Eric wanted to get into it with an officer which will be the cause of his death. We can all use this case and others and learn from it.

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