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Facts Over Feelings..

Where do I even begin. President Trump is being slammed all over the world for not calling Russia out for meddling in the 2016 election. Intel claims they have solid proof they meddled by hacking into the DNC servers. These are the same servers the DNC refuse to hand over. I don’t get that if you have solid proof why you cant you get what was in the servers? How you get some information that you claim you don’t have access to? I’m totally lost. Putin clearly stated he wanted then candidate Trump to win and to also expose the DNC but showing the world they secret messages. If you can remember when Wikileaks exposed the DNC and Hillary Clinton emails conspiring against candidate Bernie Sanders? Now a lot more emails was exposed. So are we mad because Russia exposed it or we so mad at President Trump that we refuse to look over feelings and stick to the facts? Those are questions you need to ask yourself. 

Now let me talk to my black folks. Listen hear and listen closely stop with the bandwagon. I’m seeing a lot of black folks outraged with President trump because he didn’t defend America on foreign soil. Do I miss something? What are you marching for? Aren’t your cries about how America treats you? So basically your saying how dare President Trump not defend America?! But your marching in the streets about how America treats you. So your saying don’t come for America you can’t treat her wrong she can only treat us wrong lmao! That’s a bunch of hypocrisy. I know a lot can’t stand President Trump so you skip over facts and resort to feelings. Just take President Trump out of the equation. You have a top FBI official Peter Strzok getting exposed for texting bias texts saying he was going to take down this President. He also is the one that started this Russia collusion investigation. Would you be ok with a prosecutor prosecuting you when you found out they was being bias against you? Hell no! No you would not. This is a fact. Do you remember when the House Intel said it was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and come to find out it was none. We was in a war for years that kills hundreds of American troops for lies. This is the same intel that’s saying Russia meddled in the 2016 election. Who can we trust what can we believe?  All you have to do is remove your feelings and hatred for President Trump and follow the facts.

If Russia is so bad why did Hillary Clinton take money from them for her 2016 campaign, her husband got paid 500k for speaking engagements, Bernie Sanders had his honeymoon there, former President Obama on tape telling a Russian official once he get elected he can do more, Hillary selling Russia 1/5 of uranium and I can go on and on. Do you see the hypocrisy on both sides. It’s like if one side do it it’s cool no big problem but when the others it’s all hell breaking loose. Washington is so fake and full of phonies. Don’t fall for none of this BS! Follow the facts not feelings. To my black brothers and sisters stop being all over the place. What you are looking like are fools. How are you crying about America??? So, your mad he didn’t stand up for your precious America?Just let that sink in. Your thoughts? 


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