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The Democratic Party just can't take a break. Today Justice Anthony Kennedy hit the world with a bombshell letter letting everyone know he is retiring effectively on July 31th, 2018.

Now if you can remember the Roe v. Wade case where they ruled 7-2 that women have the right to get an abortion. Wellllll make no mistakes conservatives was not pleased with that ruling and being waiting foryears to have a more conservatives on The SupremeCourt Justices and to overturn Roe v. Wade. The battle of abortion rights is one of conservatives biggest bed rock principals.

Also marriage rights will be a big topic. Will gay marriage be overturned? It is being reported President Trump already has a list of people he would be picking from. Democrats already have a bad start in the primaries now they have to talk about marriage rights and abortions rights smh good luck with that. Things are about to get down right ugly.

Senator Mitch McConnell is the forefront of this bombshell. Back in 2016 McConnell blocked former President Barack Obama's nominee for months after Justice Scalia's death. McConnell refusal lead to Trump nominee being nominated conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch. Democrats are firing back reminding Senator McConnell what he did in 2016. McConnell said that was in the general election this is the primaries. I bout jumped out my seat. Senator McConnell wasted no time tweeting this.....

This New Supreme Court Justice will have a major role that will shape the world for decades to come. Justices Kennedy shocked the world today but most justices leave in caskets not retiring. I'm just thinking was their a reason. This is about to get very interesting. Your thoughts? #JusticeAnthonyKennedy #SenatorMitchMcConnell #justiceforjunior #AntwonRose #MaxineWaters #FamiliesBelongTogether #TrumpCampaign #TheDepartmentOfJustice #Media #FakeNews #foxandfriends #GOP #Congress #Voters #StreetPoliticsWithTalessia #Trump #Clintons #MAGA #CBS #ABC #MSNBC #WhiteHouse #Democrats #CNN #FoxNews #Republicans #Politics #kanyewest #youtube #cnn #foxnews

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