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Letter to both parties on the behalf of the American people...

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Dear Democratic & Republican Party 

We the American people would like to know what are you running on and have been doing since Donald J. Trump has been in office. Your whole platform has been based off (Democratic Party) Trump winning the election, Russia collusion, porn star scandal and  ETC, (Republican Party) Hillary Clinton emails, Dossier, SpyGate, and ETC. We the American people are not personal effected by those issues. And personally we are sick of hearing it. 

I can’t go to the bank to get a small business loan off of Stormy Daniels. Flint Michigan still has unsafe water. Prison reform needs to be addressed. Hell #WhereAreTheChildren? Immigration needs to be fixed. Healthcare and college needs to be free for all. Other countries have it so why can’t we? Monopolization needs to end. You want to fight the war on drugs start with pharmaceutical companies and go into the homes and get to the core of why they sell drugs or why they are addicted. School shootings is at an all time high when a simple fix can be made and that’s be installing medal detectors and securing all doors. You have it in the black and poor communities. Stop acting like their community don’t need it when it’s evident that it needs to be in suburbs. 

All the name calling on both sides is childish and immature. We feel like we are watching a daycare with a bunch of unruly kids. It’s time for fresh leadership across the board. Some of you career politicians need to be voted out. Your ideas and views are outdated. It comes a time where you need to pass to torch. 

The finger pointing and blame game needs to stop ASAP! You all get to go home to your nice houses while the American people suffer. We the people are going to remember all at the polls how some of you acted. And to the ones that’s resisting because of Donald J. Trump in office your definitely getting voted out.   

November elections is rite around the corner and you better have more then what you have been showing. 

Sincerely, The American People 

Your thoughts?

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