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Nancy Pelosi backs against the wall and why Democrats should move on from their investigations.

All Robert Mueller said today was what he already stated in his Russia Collusion report. You have to ask yourself what was the point of him coming out and saying what he already reported. Robert Mueller had the resources and the money to make a clear statement of did the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia which they found no collusion which he did. Now on the obstruction of justice that was never the main focus of their investigation but why after two years of tax payers wasted money he could not have came up with a conclusion. That didn't make any sense Mueller had more then enough resources, money and time to find out. This is the games they play. Now he leaving and saying I will not comment any further I will refer you to my report. SMH!!!!!!!!

It's time for congress to do their job for the American people. We didn't elect you to be prosecutors we elected you to legislate. If you want to be a detective, prosecutor or investigator you need to resign and go be one. In 2020 what are you going to say the American people? "I was on the investigation end but I will work on your problems what you elected me for later.'' SMH!!!

Nancy needs to get control of her party and not be pressured by the media and start doing what we the people elected you all to do and that is to work for the needs of the American people.

To Democrats what are you going to tell your constituents in 2020 that you have did on there behalf?

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