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President Donald Trump Pardoned Alice Johnson

BREAKING NEWS! President Trump pardons Alice Johnson that was sentenced to life in prison on drug conspiracy charges. This was her first offense and also non violent. We have to first thank Kim Kardashian for bringing this President Trump awareness. She received a lot of slack from both sides. People thought she was not fit to be discussing those issues and she was just there to take pictures. People are so judgmental.

Van jones was on a phone interview with CNN and stated he thank Kim and President Trump for the pardon. He also went on to say how Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump husband has be advocating for prison reform and pushing the issue to get Mrs Johnson pardon. First off I never knew he has been working on the behalf of prison reform. I was shocked maybe because he mainstream media never talks about that. He also stated a lot of staff including Kellyanne Conway was pushing back and didn’t want President Trump to do it. I’m not surprised at all. What in her brain do she believes Mrs Johnson needs life in prison for selling drugs especially on her 1st offensive. What sense does that makes.

Prison reform needs to be combed through with fine teeth! It is so many others sitting in prison for lengthy time for non violent offenses. Hopefully this administration will oversee and change some things. President Trump is getting praises on both sides. It’s funny because some on left are saying ok yea that good but he can do this or that and also why did he end clemency. The right is having a field day saying you had a black president Obama that’s did nothing about prison reform. Which is half way not true when he put in place a clemency program the President Trump ended. I guess it’s safe to say you get praises when your side do it and criticism from the other. Today is a day we can all say thank you President Trump for pardoned Mrs Johnson. Your thoughts?

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