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Televangelist asks his followers to buy him a $54 million private jet

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Some of these churches are turning for the worst. Well if you haven’t heard it all listen to this nonsense. Pastor Jesse Duplantis claims the Lord told him he needs a 54 million plane and ask his parishioners to foot the bill. Well in his exact words  "It was one of the greatest statements the Lord ever told me, he said, 'Jesse do you want to come up where I'm at?'" the minister says. "'I want you to bleed me for a Falcon 7X.'" He also went further and said he believes if Jesus was living today he would have one. Nothing shocks me anymore the lies and blasphemy that comes out of these pastors mouths is unbelievable.

This is why I took a step back with the church. I have a bible and the Holy Spirit that lives in me. You have pastors remixing scriptures to push their propaganda. When are the churches going to come out and condemn this foolishness. Do you remember we have the Bible. Jesus could have came rich and living lavishly but He chose to live amongst the poor. So I highly doubt He would want to live rich. In the New Testament all He talks about is the poor and He also states how hard it’s for the rich to enter into Heaven. So don’t be fooled by these lies. 

The church is turning into a business and is pumping the people. How your followers poor and you living lavishly? So God is only blessing the pastor and their crew? Listen people wake up. 

Let’s do a Q&A Have you ever asked your pastor for help? If so what was the results. 

Your thoughts?

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