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Justice Kennedy leaving is a big impact to the United States Of America. If you know Justice Kennedy is a conservative but at times he sided with liberals on issues like same sex marriage and Roe v Wade. Here is where the hypocrisy begins. This same thing happened under the Obama administration where Senator Mitch McConnell pleaded with the Obama administration to wait until after the election to nominate someone to The Supreme Justice Seat. If you can remember McConnell was the same one who blacked President Obama nominee from having a hearing. So here we go again with now the Democratic Party reminding McConnell to do the same thing. If the left truly believe that is going to happen then they are more lost then I thought. Of course they reminded him of his tweet back in 2016 Be carful what you tweet it might come back to haunt you........

Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy at its finest. Now the left crying over the same thing the right was crying over. This year I chose to ditch the Democratic Party. All my life I was taught to vote Democratic because they are for the poor and blacks. Also, that Republicans are for the rich and whites. For years this was embedded in me. When candidate Donald Trump was running for office I started paying more attention to politics. When he got elected which I never thought that would have came true I started getting involved and paying more attention to what’s going on.

That’s when I had to take a real look at what I was voting for and saying I was apart of. I noticed how different communities was ran and who was running them. I didn’t understand to why I couldn’t live like the ones in the suburbs or why our community can’t be groomed and look like theirs. So I started doing so digging and was baffled by what I’ve found. You have members of Congress that have been running these areas for years. Their salary starts at 70k and up. I grew up in the projects I only knew the 2 mayors because they lived where. Then you had some folks I’ve never met or heard of in my life that have been serving for years. How is that even possible. I went even further to seeing what legislation they have passed and that was very disappointing. I said well ok what have they did in the community and found pretty much NOTHING! That’s when I realized I have been bamboozled into thinking that they really care. All they cared about is a vote.

I went to the Board Of Education and changed my party. Make no mistakes I didn’t join the Republican Party either I chose to be Independent. I was over the lies and how the American people are being treated and only cared for when it’s time to vote. I’ve had enough!!! It is time for a change in both parties. I believe in term limits and it’s no excuse for these communities to be ran how they are. I’ll give you a great example Basherr Jones

was elected Ward 7 counsel in Cleveland Ohio in 2018.

He took over T J Dow

who ran Ward 7 for 10 years since 2008. Now if you are familiar with Cleveland you know Ward 7 was ran down abandoned buildings drug infested and more. Councilman Jones only been in offices since January and have did a complete turnaround of that Ward. Streets have been fixed, abandoned building/houses knocked down, community policing, every week food pantry and more. Now if he only been in office for about 6 months what excuse do these other elected officials have? I’ll be waiting to here the excuses because their is none. We must demand and hold every elected official accountable. We also need to point out the hypocrisy on both parties. It’s all good until the ball is dropped in their lap then what they have been preaching goes out the door. America watch how this plays out with who they pick to take Justice Kennedy seat that will show who they feel the world should be ran for years to come. Watch how McConnell explains doing what he begged the left to do. Also watch how the other members defend or go against all this madness. Your thoughts? #JusticeKennedy #MitchMcConnell #justiceforjunior #AntwonRose #MaxineWaters #FamiliesBelongTogether #TrumpCampaign #TheDepartmentOfJustice #Media #FakeNews #foxandfriends #GOP #Congress #Voters #StreetPoliticsWithTalessia #Trump #Clintons #MAGA #CBS #ABC #MSNBC #WhiteHouse #Democrats #CNN #FoxNews #Republicans #Politics #kanyewest #youtube #cnn #foxnews

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